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Terms of Use

This website is operated by the Toshiaki Ogasawara Memorial Foundation (the "Foundation").
You are requested to read and consent to the following conditions before using this website.

1. Site Policy

  • You are requested to use this website on your own responsibility.
  • This website is operated to provide information about public interest activities related to the Foundation. The Foundation uses this website to provide prompt and accurate information about its support activities and policies.
  • The Foundation, however, is not liable for any loss or damage caused by the use of information obtained from this website or other websites that are linked through this website.
  • Browsing, using, and downloading any contents and information provided through this website is deemed consent to the following terms and conditions.
  • The Foundation may change or delete content, information and URL's provided through this website without advanced notice.

2. Privacy Policy

Please read the Privacy Policy on this website for more details about personal information protection.

3. Disclaimer

  • 1) Information provided through this website is owned and managed by the Foundation, and use is not allowed without permission.
  • 2) The Foundation places a priority on providing the most accurate and up-to-date information to its users through this website. However, the Foundation does not guarantee the accuracy, security, or applicability of the content.
  • 3) The Foundation places a priority on the uninterrupted operation of this website. However, the Foundation is not liable for any loss or damage to users caused by the interruption of the network or suspension of website operation.
  • 4) The Foundation is not liable for any loss or damage to users caused by the use of programs or data provided through this website.

4. Copyrights

  • 1) The copyrights, moral rights of authors, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights of all information, documents, videos, images, and sound made available through this website belong to the Foundation or the holders of the rights who allow their use.
  • 2) Use of the contents of this website is permitted only for the purposes of the private enjoyment of the individual viewing it.
  • 3) Unauthorized use (including copying, alteration, and distribution) of the information provided through this website exceeding the range of personal use is prohibited.

5. Linking to this Website

  • 1) The Foundation is not liable for any loss or damage caused by linking to this website.
  • 2) The Foundation may change or delete its website URL and other contents provided through this website without prior notice.
  • 3) Links to this website are prohibited on any website that falls into any of the following:
    • (1) Websites that contain all or part of logos or images posted on this Website
    • (2) Websites that use inline frames or other frames that make the contents provided through this Website look like they are integrated with their websites
    • (3) Websites that contain slander and libel directed to a third person, the Foundation, Executives or staff of the Foundation
    • (4) Websites with contents that damage the credibility and dignity of the Foundation
    • (5) Websites that are contrary to public order or morality
    • (6) Websites associated with anti-social forces
    • (7) Websites with contents that lead users to think a collaborative or cooperative relationship with the Foundation exists, or to think the Foundation recognizes or supports the relevant website
  • 4) In the event that the Foundation discovers a link that violates the above-mentioned conditions, or that the Foundation deems inappropriate, the Foundation will request the source website operator to delete the link in question. The source website operator is expected to follow the request.
  • 5) A link directed to this website should not be taken as a guarantee by the Foundation of the contents of the source website, or as a recommendation for the use of the source website, or products and services posted on the source website. In addition, such links do not imply that the Foundation and the company managing the source website are in a collaborative or other type of special relationship.
    Please feel free to contact us about the operation of this website via e-mail.

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  • * SIM free devices, MVNO (with inexpensive SIM cards), feature phones with Android app are not recommended.
  • * Depending on setup by users, part of browsers or apps may prevent normal display or may produce unintended display.